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SaRina Living Love

Earth Mama, Tantrika, Serpent Goddess.
Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Ecstatic Dancer.
Sister,  Mother, Mate, Lover of Life.
Peace Maker, Visionary,  Community Builder.
Sensualist and Co-creator in bringing Heaven to Earth.

With a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Sarina offers a unique healing practice which expands one’s capacity for pleasure and intimacy.  She works with women, men, and couples, bringing 20 years of research and experience to her mission to inspire the practice of Living Love Daily.

Through her Tantric training,  Sarina discovered it is possible to manifest dreams into reality though channeling the potent energy created during conscious ecstatic connections.

Originally from Israel, Sarina continues to embrace her roots,  bridging her rich heritage and traditions with her self-directed, empowered life and free-spirited intuitive wisdom.

Growing up, she was told that for the sake of the family, she must be an obedient child and later a wife.  Yet after seven years of marriage,  she realized that any meaningful bond or partnership depends on the courage of being real for intimacy to flourish.  Thus began her dedicated journey into celebrating her authentic, untamed Self,  realizing that transparency is the  true currency of lasting intimacy.

Today, as a passionate Vessel of Life, Sarina walks an uncharted path,  joining other courageous beings who have dared to break free from archaic cultural restrictions that  no longer serve the highest good of all involved.

SaRina Daly-Goode, M.A. A healer, an artist, A Primal Play and Intimacy Guide.
For the past 20 years Sarina has dedicated her life to explore, reclaim and inspire the path of the Empowered Feminine in practical daily interactions.

In her unique Primal Love Play interactive sessions men and women are given a rare opportunity get to practice skills in the art of relating while expanding the range of their sensual field.

During this interactive session we will stretch and loosen the body and mind to allow for natural vitality and loving innocence to come through.