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Healing Work

There is more than one way

           to explore express and expand

                                            the field of relating


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Personalized sessions with SaRina can include:

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Intimacy and relationship guidance
* (Poly Friendly)

The art of nurturing love and intimacy can be challenging. Often we get triggered by events, words, and actions that point out where awareness, compassion, forgiveness and reframe are called for.

In our session we will identify the growth opportunities present in your intimate life as we explore a wider range of love-based responses.


Sacred Confidant

Imagine yourself in an attentive embrace  where you can reveal secret desires, vulnerable experiences, troubling obsessions or dark fantasies, in an accepting, shame free zone.  The sharing of unspoken emotional burdens will result in an increased inner harmony, and renewed vitality.  We will activate the primal quality of curiosity to explore aspects of the shadow and the taboo.


Sacred Touch Awareness ~ the following sessions are designed for the ones seeking to expand into somatic integration of body and soul:


The S.P.A Experience – Sacred Passionate Awareness

Intimate Mapping Through Healing Touch  –

Expand the range of sensual aliveness as you surrender to a slow loving touch  exploring emotionally charged body centers. Often the emotional release of any hidden trauma on the cellular level will  expand your capacity to feel  more pleasure.


Goddess Touch – Healing Embrace – Primal Play 

Integrate and weave heart, body and soul energies

Guided by the breath, by eye gazing, by touch and by intention.

We will awaken the kundalini  and activate the Chakras

Let your expansion of joy rise up the spine,

Pausing along the way  to appreciate the blissfulness of each moment.

Through an interactive exchange with a loving goddess

you will gain the confidence to express needs and desires,

learn the art of full body contact play and the art of setting clear loving boundary.


  Come meet me in the field infinite possibilities

to awaken, restore and celebrate a more liberated self.

SaRina Living Love   – The Love Diva